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April 26, 2012 by Rebekah Newman

Parent Wise May 2011

I entered an essay into the Mother’s Day essay competition for Parent:Wise Austin Magazine. My “Mommy Clueless” essay was chosen and will be published in their May 2012 issue. As an added bonus, they are actually sending me money for my words. That has never happened before!

I’ve been published several times, but always in school magazines or on websites that haven’t so much as offered me free coffee. In all fairness, it had more to do with their struggle to survive than their lack of appreciation for my writing. I recognize now that it can be hard to pay a writer when you spend your spare time sneaking paper from open backpacks on campus, just to be able to keep printing your campus literary magazine. Also, I might need to actually submit my writing more often, instead of hoping they will find me.

The publisher and editor of Parent:Wise Magazine, Kim Pleticha, also attached a very nice note to my acceptance email. She said something along the lines of how much they all loved my essay and how the entire staff could not put it down and insisted on rereading it again and again. I am paraphrasing of course. She all but said she could relate to the wisdom in the essay and they were nearly in tears from laughing so much at my clever jokes. I think it was worded more like “we all enjoyed your essay” but I think everyone can read between the words on that one.

I humbly want to thank my parents and my husband and especially my children for giving me the inspiration to write such profound and thought provoking words that have hopefully amused and propelled at least one additional person to my blog. World domination is a slow and painful process, but I am happy to see that I am still on the right path! Never give up on your dreams, kids!

Thanks again Parent:Wise Austin! As far as I’m concerned you are the number one parent and local events magazine on the planet! And for the record, I think you are pretty-clever too!


One thought on “Published Essay!

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    I’m rejoicing with you! What you’ve achieved is known of in the writing world as snagging a good “clip.” Make sure to mention that you were published in this mag, and include a copy of the published essay with the submissions that you send out in the future. It will open doors for you. Congratulations!

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